What Sets Us Apart

Our Philosophy:

WE Ortho is one cohesive team made up of many different, entirely unique individuals. Though each staff member and both doctors agree that getting to know their patients and their family is an essential component of complete care, they all have their own ways of doing so. Some might ask open-ended questions while some are great at making jokes. Some have a natural talent for soothing a child's fears and some are born teachers, explaining simply and clearly what the process is going to be like, each step of the way.

Dr. West and Dr. Ehlis embrace their differences as a means of strengthening the practice as a whole. They agree that the culture for their practice must be dynamic, comfortable, and state-of-the-art, all at the same time. On a daily basis WE hone a mindset that our smiles create a domino effect within the office, and within our community. No matter how serious or silly WE get, our patients feel good when they leave the chair. They feel at ease with their surroundings even when WE crack a corny joke (or two!). WE do things differently here. WE don't cultivate strengths in one area or a focus on one particular type of patient. WE are focused on providing treatment so efficient and seamless that to the patient the experience seems like pure magic.

Every new patient WE greet and every smile WE create is a result of not only our state of the art technology and custom treatment plans, but also the kind efforts and positive spirit WE represent. WE have the best of both worlds at WE Ortho: striking professionalism and ample amounts of fun on a daily basis. This wouldn’t be possible without the harmony between the two doctors and their working styles. This characteristic is now an irreplaceable piece of our identity that creates the perfect balance.

WE Are a Team!

At WE Ortho, WE have a dedicated, knowledgeable, and professional team! Each team member is highly trained and care deeply about all of our patients. The staff at WE Ortho believe in treating patients just like family. Both Dr. West and Dr. Ehlis are part of the certified American Board of Orthodontics, an achievement attained by only 30% of the nation’s orthodontists. WE go the extra mile, give the extra effort, and pay attention to every detail about your treatment and about your comfort. Our goal is to help you achieve the healthiest, most attractive smile possible in an enjoyable and fun way!