Retainers for Ten

It is natural for your teeth to shift throughout life, which is why it is so important to wear your retainer after your orthodontic treatment is complete. Wearing your retainer is an essential part of ensuring that you enjoy a long-lasting, beautiful smile with a healthy bite.

WE are committed to giving you an amazing, healthy smile that will last, so we offer 'Retainers for Ten', a program that allows you to purchase replacement retainers from our office for a ten-year period following enrollment.  

  • Receive up to four clear, removable, replacment retainers each year, for a total of 10 years following completion of treatment.
  • Copay is only $20 per clear retainer, which currently retail at $350 each outside of the program. 

New patients are eligible for disounted pricing on the intial enrollment fee upon start of treatment.  

*Maximum of four (4) replacement retainers per year. Retainers only; no progressive tooth movement. Does not include Hawley or bonded retainers. Does not include retainers with pontics to replace missing teeth. Replacement retainers available for ten (10) years after comprehnsive orthodontic treatment is completed. Copayment and standard retainer fees are subject to change. Non-refundable.