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WE recognize that all of our patients are unique and deserve to receive orthodontic care that reflects their individual needs. Our experienced and talented team is committed to working with you and your family to create a comfortable, stress-free, and rewarding orthodontic experience every time you visit our practice. WE are pleased to welcome you and your family, and WE look forward to working with you.

our team
our team
our team


Loves to learn. Exploratory. Family.

Abbi is all about WE’s delightful and pleasant atmosphere. Abbi is a Registered Dental Assistant, having graduated from The Dental Assisting Program in 2014. She loves working at WE•Ortho because of all the wonderful people she works with, and because of the fun and friendly environment! Outside of WE•Ortho, she loves reading, being outside, and spoiling her niece. She has been with WE Ortho for one year so far!


Educated. Traveled. Decorating.

Cassie’s friendly demeanor is an integral part to our uplifting space at WE. Cassie is a Dental Assistant, having graduated from Salina Technical College in Kansas for dental assisting. She holds her national certificate, has been in the dentistry field for seven years, and stays up to date with continuing education. She loves working at WE•Ortho because she enjoys making a difference in patients’ lives by putting a smile on their face. She also loves working with her colleagues, who she considers “the definition of teamwork.” Outside of the office, she spends time with her husband who she recently married in 2015, her dog Tater, loves to cook and  bake and spend time with family and friends.



Understanding. Encouraging. Adventurous.

Dawn’s cross-field knowledge shines at WE. Dawn is an Orthodontic Assistant, and has spent fourteen years in the dentistry field—mostly in oral surgery. She loves working at WE•Ortho because she loves seeing positive changes in her patients: kids going from nervous to excited and happy. She laughs every day with her patients and is passionate about respecting others’ time. When she is not at the office, she spends time with her family, hikes, goes to the lake, or watches movies. You might see her strolling around Moorhead on her rollerblades with her two fur babies!


Warmth. Connections. Experience.

Jen’s passion for a positive impact is apparent. Jen is a Dental Assistant, having received her certification from DANB. She has been in the dental field for seventeen years, sixteen of which have been with WE•Ortho. She loves WE•Ortho because she has fun coming to work, and she loves working with patients. Outside of WE, Jen spends time outdoors with her family.


Family. Knowledge. Happiness.

Jodi brings positivity, light, and laughter to our practice. Jodi is a Dental Assistant, having attended M. State for dental assisting. She has spent four years in the dental field, all of which have been with WE•Ortho. She loves working at WE because she loves the team energy and fun, and sees her coworkers as her family. Of course, she also loves helping make beautiful smiles. Outside of the office, Jodi loves spending time with her daughter Mila and shopping.


Discipline. Reading. Committed.

Kara’s diverse interests allow her to easily relate to all of our awesome patients. Kara is the Financial Coordinator, having graduated from NDSU, and has been with us for three years. She loves working at WE•Ortho because she loves working with the team environment of the staff, and getting to know new patients. When Kara is not at WE•Ortho, she is reading, baking, walking her dog, spending time with her husband and family and anxiously awaiting the arrival of their first bundle of joy due in December! 


Musical. Farming. Creation.

Karen’s inspired and artistic personality brings excitement to our practice. Karen is a Lab Technician, and has been in the dental field for thirty-six years. She loves working at WE•Ortho because of the people she works with, of whom she considers her “second family.” She loves making appliances for all the patients (especially retainers because they keep patients’ smiles beautiful!). When she is not with us, Karen is gardening, trail riding, playing music (guitar, banjo, piano) and spending time with her family—she enjoys kick-back with her grandkids!


Family. Fun. Resilience.

Kelsi is a genuine people person. Kelsi is the Office Manager, having graduated from the University of Mary with her Bachelor’s in Business Management. She studied with a focus on interpersonal communication, coaching, and leadership. She loves working at WE•Ortho because of the family feel and positive energy of the office. Outside of the office, Kelsi is a cook, a decorator, a woodworker, and an artist. She loves her beagles and her three boys who are all currently enrolled in college.


Ability. Excitement. Skill.

Melissa loves being dedicated to such a talented team. Melissa is a Dental Assistant, having graduated from Northwest Tech for dental assisting. She has spent twenty-five years in the dentistry field, twenty of which have been with WE•Ortho. She loves working at WE because she gets to meet new patients, build relationships with them, and help them to create beautiful smiles. She also enjoys working with talented doctors and coworkers! When she is not at the office, Melissa is at the lake with family and friends, traveling, or reading. She is a Fargo native!


Commitment. Learning. Dedication.

Peggy’s enthusiasm and expertise work together to create magic in our patients’ lives. Peggy is a Treatment Coordinator, and has been in the dentistry field for thirty-eight years, thirty-three of those with WE•Ortho. She loves working at WE because she meets wonderful people every day and helps them get a beautiful smile. She also loves her work environment. When she is not at WE, she is spending time with family, gardening,  golfing, or hanging out at the lake.


Active. Enthusiasm. Educated.

Rachel cares deeply about patients’ self esteem. Rachel is a Treatment Coordinator, having graduated with a Bachelor’s degree in Exercise Science. She loves working at WE•Ortho because she gets to help patients become confident with their smiles. When she is not at WE, she is hanging out with her family, going to the lake, and playing soccer. Fun fact: She went to the Women’s FIFA World Cup and was even on ESPN!


Inviting. Warm. Team Player. 

Laura joined the WE team in 2016 and has been a team player since day 1! After earning her degree from NDSCS in Wahpeton, ND, Laura worked as a dental hygenist for 3 years. After a couple moves around the great state of North Dakota, she has been in ortho ever since! Laura loves being a part of the WE team because she loves achieving beautiful smiles! On Laura's free time she enjoys walking, yoga, baking, reading books and hanging out with friends and family. 


Positive. Zen. Summer Sunshine. 

Destinee is our yogi. She graduated from MSTC-Moorhead in August 2015, receiving her diploma in Dental Assisting. She really enjoys working at WE•Ortho because she has the ability to see patients from start to finish, witnessing the positive changes that naturally happen throughout treatment. Destinee, her husband and new baby boy, Theo, love the outdoors and staying active. Outside of the office, you can find Destinee walking her dog, doing yoga (even headstands!) and keeping an eye out for summer sunshine. 


Honesty. Community. DIY. 

Amy believes in creating a practice where patients are the center-of-it-all. Amy is our Public Relations Coordinator, having graduated from MSUM Moorhead with a degree in Mass Communications. She loves working at WE•Ortho because of the strong team and good morale. She is most passionate about WE•Ortho's commitment to give back to the community. Outside of WE•Ortho, she loves being outside, spending time with her high school sweetheart to whom she is now married, and cooking for her two young sons.


Work. Organized. Intentional. 

Brittany strives to provide utmost convenience for all of our patients. Brittany is our Receptionist, having recently graduated from NDSU with her Bachelor’s of Science (she also knows every line from Finding Nemo—it keeps her swimming!). She loves being part of a big family among WE•Ortho staff and patients. Outside of the office, she is playing volleyball or going to the lake!


Culture. People. Traveling.

Josette’s can-do attitude is what we love most about her. Josette is our Receptionist and she loves working at WE•Ortho because she loves the staff, and knows that they can all grow together. When she is not helping to schedule appointments and keeping everyone’s calendars straight, Josette is outside fishing, skiing, hunting, and hiking.


Enthusiastic. Crafty. Dog Lover.

Lori is excellent in a fast-paced environment. Quick on her feet and an upbeat personality, she is a one of kind gal!  Lori is one of our Dental Assistants who graduated from MState Moorhead with the highest honors! When she is not busy bouncing from chair to chair, Lori enjoys crafting, fishing and playing with her dog, Marley!


Reader. Family Oriented. Committed.

Trina graduated from NDSCS in Wahpeton with a Dental Assisting Degree and is DANB certified. Trina loves being a part of the WE team because she loves seeing the changes that can happen with patient's smiles. On Trina's spare time she enjoys hanging out with her family and reading. 


Volunteer. Baker. Admin Extrodinaire. 

April shines like a star as our new Scheduling Coordinator! April graduated with a degree as an Executive Administrative Assistant with a medical emphasis. What April loves the most about the WE environment is the nice staff and Doctors who have made her feel like a part of the family since day 1! On April's free time she volunteers for the local dog shelter by fostering homeless dogs. April also loves spending time with her own 3 pups she adores and baking, as she owns her own cake/cupcaking business!


Traveler. Family Gal. DIY.

Melissa is truly the epitome of good customer service! Melissa graduated with an Associates Degree in Liberal Arts and has a strong background in customer service. WE love having her as the first face people see when they come into our practice! Melissa's love for the WE environment comes from her love of meeting new people and treating co-workers like extended family. On her free time, Melissa enjoys traveling, scrapbooking and spending time with her husband and 3 beautiful daughters!

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