WE Be Bowling!

WE ended September with a bang! Or at least we were hoping to...

On the 29th, we participated in our 3rd Annual "Keep Your Mouth Shut" bowling tournament against Dr. Olson and Dr. Hageman's office! WE were prepped and ready to ROLL! We had the gear (matching outfits duh) and over confident attitudes. The perfect set-up to WIN BIG! Or...sadly, lose!

Dr. Hageman and Dr. Olson are terrific bowlers and their win was well deserved! Good job to the Pediatric Dentistry team!! They took home the trophy on year 1 and 3! WE wish you good luck next year! We have already set-up training days for our staff ;)

Win or lose...WE always have fun!

Because, that's how WE roll!!

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