A Teary and Heartfelt Fairwell to our Tried and True

On October 13th, WE Ortho had a day of laughter, tears and many a stories shared. Our beloved, Ruthie, who had been with us for 43 YEARS retired!

The dedication, the commitment and the love are just a few of the characteristics Ruthie displayed daily over the years. WE kicked off the celebration as a team by "kidnapping" Ruthie on October 6th and bringing her to a surprise retirement party where we celebrated with our team and Ruthie's close family and friends. It was a night to remember. Speeches, stories, tears and laughter! A wonderful party for a wonderful gal!

On October 13th, Ruthie's last day and her birthday, WE Ortho had an open house in honor of Ruthie and once again, all the time, love and devotion she has given our company and this community. Patients that came to us a kids came to celebrate Ruthie with their children who are now patients! We like to say that Ruthie has the memory of an elephant! She has remembered face after face, children's faces, parent's faces, vendors, members of the hard working dental community and ALWAYS remembers their names (and most likely has a story to go with it)! We were amazed at the amount of support that poured into our doors on her last day with us!!

To find someone that dedicated and loving that devotes that many years of their life is truly priceless. Our appreciation for Ruthie is never ending and we wish her nothing but the best in her retirement phase of life!

Cheers to you, Ruthie! YOU ARE LOVED!

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